National Document Supply System

Location database

Sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the Open Society Institute

The location database of the National Document Supply System (ODR) was created in co-operation by the libraries forming the VOCAL co-operative cataloguing consortia and by the Library Supply Distribution Co. to enable a direct, email-based interlibrary-loan network based on email requestes of library materials targeted directly to available copies of holding institutions.

What documents are to be found here?

The database contains the whole electronic catalogues of VOCAL libraries together with the Hungarian published material of ODR libraries going back atleast to 1999.

The HUNOPAC homepage will lead you to more Hungarian online catalogues.

How can you use the database for initiating intelibrary-loan requests?

Sending direct interlibrary loan requests is available for registered libraries. Registration can be done here. (Please, do not register your library more than once. In case your intend to change your registration details or have forgotten your password, please turn to our colleague).

Location information belonging to the documents can be found in long (hosszú) display format. Clicking on the name of the holding library will get you directly to its online catalogue, showing more detailed holding information with circulation status.

Electronic ILL requests are accepted by libraries the names of which are displayed with the icon. Clicking on the icon will lead you to the request form, which already cntains athe bibliographic information, name and address of the holding library. Additional notes and instructions can be added if needed. After identifying yourself as a registered borrowing institution with your login name and passward you can send out the request using the "Elküld" botton. The appearing fully filled form can be pronted using the browser's print menu for the requester's files.

Lending library information, lending policy

icon shows the postal address of holding libraries and gives information on their ILL lending policies.